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Exercise Physiology Teaching Lab

Exercise Physiology Teaching Lab



The Exercise Physiology Teaching Laboratory contains exercise equipment (e.g., heart rate monitors, treadmills, exercise bicycles, and metabolic analyzers) and software for evaluating human performance, prescribing exercise, and analyzing diets. Students gain invaluable work experience by conducting exercise tests on Texas State employees and students as well as on community members in the HP Lab. Specifically, faculty use the HP Lab to effectively teach students how to: 1) make comprehensive health-risk appraisals; 2) administer various types of aerobic stress tests; 3) evaluate muscular strength and endurance; 4) assess body composition; 5) analyze dietary intakes/nutritional status; 6) make nutritional recommendations and prescribe individualized exercise programs; and 7) answer research questions. Such skills will equip students with the knowledge and experience to pursue careers in education, exercise science research, community health, adult fitness and wellness, exercise physiology, sports medicine and rehabilitation, therapeutic recreation, and recreational administration.

The Exercise Physiology Teaching Laboratory is also used by faculty to answer research questions and assess the health and fitness of university employees and residents of San Marcos.

Kyle Patek, M.S.
Human Performance Lab Director