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Exercise & Sports Science

Exercise and Sports Science Undergraduate Programs

BESS, major:  Exercise and Sports Science

Certification:  All-Level Physical Education


BESS, major:  Exercise and Sports Science

Health and Fitness Management

Minor:  Business Administration

BESS, major: Exercise and Sports Science

Concentration:  Clinical Exercise Science


BESS, major:  Exercise and Sports Science

Concentration:  Pre-Rehabilitation Sciences

3/2 Dual Degree Program BESS ESS

Exercise & Sports Science (ESS) undergraduate program includes a major in Health & Fitness Management (HFM) and a major in ESS with three concentrations: Pre-Rehabilitation Sciences, Clinical Exercise Science, and All Level Physical Education Certification. Students are required to have a 2.5 overall GPA to take the HCP or the HFM internship. A 2.75 Texas State GPA is required for enrollment in PPT internship and a 2.75 overall GPA is required for placement in the ALPE student teaching.

ESS MinorESS Minor in CoachingCourses
HFM Internship[ ESS Where I Want To BE - Pre Rehab ]Faculty
Exercise & Sports Science LLC

The Bachelor of ESS prepares students for careers as cardiac rehabilitation specialists, exercise testing technicians, rehabilitation therapists, fitness instructors, teachers in elementary and secondary schools (all level Pre K-12 certification), and athletic coaches. The HFM major prepares students to direct fitness, wellness or health awareness programs in commercial, corporate, and institutional settings. Areas of study include fitness programming, stress management, smoking cessation, diet and nutrition, health-risk appraisal, and employee assistance programming. The ESS curriculum also allows students to acquire the academic and clinical prerequisites needed to earn professional certifications (e.g., CHES, CES, ACSM, NCSA) and to qualify for entrance to graduate schools in the field or in allied health (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, nursing).

Please contact the ESS undergraduate for questions:    
Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. John Walker    
Undergraduate Physical Education, Teacher Education: Dr. Kent Griffin

The Department of Health and Human Performance is a member of the American Kinesiology Association