Athletic Training Students Free Injury Clinic

Athletic Training Students Open Free Injury Clinic

Graduate students in the athletic training program have created a free injury clinic for all students, faculty, and staff in the College of Education and Dance department.

The clinic's mission is to provide students and faculty with the best care possible to ensure health & well-being. The clinic offers evaluations, recommendations, and referrals for patients. Health and Human Performance faculty and staff certified by the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer and The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation supervise the clinic's students.

Patients aren't the only ones benefiting from the free clinic. Those in the program who help run the clinic also gain hands-on experience while making a difference. Second-year graduate student Christine Ortega enjoys the opportunity to work with patients and help them through their injuries.

"The student injury clinic allows the student athletic trainers to better their practice and get comfortable with real-life injuries," Ortega said. "The patients that I have seen have been extremely receptive and seem grateful that this is an option for the TXST students."

First-year graduate student Laramie Glover also has enjoyed working at the clinic and finds the work rewarding.

"Working with the free clinic has been surprisingly active and has required me to apply myself in ways that I haven't in quite a while," Glover said. "I enjoy giving back to our student population."

In addition to the clinic, students in the program support students all across campus, working with various TXST sports teams such as volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, and baseball. Outside of TXST, some students are engaged in the community and work with local high schools.

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