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Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty

Members of the Exercise and Sports Science graduate faculty are national leaders in the field of Exercise and Sports Science. They are the authors of numerous peer-reviewed publications, textbooks, and grants, serve as officers/board members in professional associations, and set the high standards for students in the Exercise and Sports Science Program at Texas State University. These members include:

Kent Griffin, Ph.D.
ESS 5353


Michelle Hamilton, Ph.D.
ESS 5322, 5304


S. Hunter
Stacy Hunter, Ph.D.
ESS 5310


L. Kipp
Lindsay Kipp, Ph.D.
ESS 5354, 5355


D. Knudson
Duane Knudson, Ph.D.
ESS 5309, 5346
Yumeng Li, Ph>D
Yumeng Li, Ph.D.
ESS 5309

T. Liu
Ting Liu, Ph.D.
ESS 5304, 5356

M. McAllister
Matt McAllister, Ph.D.
ESS 5306, 5312

K. McCurdy
Kevin McCurdy, Ph.D.
ESS 5307, 5327

K. Meaney
Karen Meaney, Ph.D.
ESS 5344, 5346
J. Mettler
Joni Mettler, Ph.D.
ESS 5305, 5311
J. Walker
John Walker, Ph.D.
ESS 5346, 5356