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Internship in Public Health

Public Health

Texas State University

Public Health Program

Public Health

Internship in Public Health

The Public Health Internship course is a degree requirement and consists of 480 hours working with a health organization or agency to complete a semester-long project applying public health concepts and skills in a community or public health setting.  Opportunities exist for community health, employee wellness, and other public health settings.

The course is writing intensive and can be completed in a fall or spring semester only after

1) completion of all other degree required coursework;

2) grades of 'C' or better earned in PH 4100 and PH 4640;

3) with a minimum 2.50 major GPA.

Students who have declared a Public Health major should enroll in PH 4100 Professional Development in Public Health in the semester prior to their internship.  In this 1-credit-hour seminar course, students will learn about internship sites and the process for securing an internship, as well as working closely with one of the internship supervisors to identify potential organizations that meet their interests and professional goals. Sites are not limited to the Austin/San Marcos area; interns have been placed across the United States and even internationally.


Please direct internship questions to:

Lindsay McClune: