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ESS Course Descriptions

Courses in Physical Education (PE)

1129 Aquatic Therapy II. (1-1) The course will provide instruction in advanced principles and concepts of aquatic therapy leading to the national certification by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. Prerequisites: PE 1128 and swimming ability.

1225 Water Safety Instructor. (1-2) To provide instruction on the American Red Cross method of teaching swimming. Students should have the skills and information to complete the American Red Cross requirements for the WSI certification.

1310 (PHED 1301) Foundations of Exercise and Sports Science. (3-0) Introduction to the various areas of physical education, including brief historical backgrounds, professional opportunities, present status, past and present leaders, individual awareness of professional responsibilities; familiarization with current trends and issues, and professional literature.

2320 Motor Development. (3-0) A study of fundamental and specialized movement skills for the purpose of developing skill technique knowledge and instruction. Special emphasis will be placed on the application of error detection and correction.

(WI) 2365 (PHED 1333) Rhythm and Movement Activities. (3-2) Rhythmical movement exploration as a basis of developing basic movement skills, fitness, and dance activities. Right and left brain developmental theories will be explored in conjunction with creative/ rhythmic movement discovery. Beginning modern dance or recreational dance recommended.

2390 Concepts and Techniques of Coaching. (3-0) Explores general concepts and techniques as they pertain to the professional preparation of the athletic coach.

3117 Applied Laboratory in Exercise Physiology. (0-2) This course provides students with experiences in laboratory and field methods of 1) exercise testing and prescription and 2) exercise, health, and fitness assessment. Co-requisite: PE 3317.

3303 Assistant Instructor. (6-3) Lecture, laboratory in teaching skills leading to assistant instructor’s certification (National Association of Underwater Instructors). An appropriate personal lifetime fitness and wellness component will be included. Prerequisite: PFW 1201.

3304 Divemaster. (6-3) Designed to train highly competent divers in skills to supervise and organize all phases of recreational diving. An appropriate personal lifetime fitness and wellness component will be included. Prerequisite: PE 3303.

3317 The Physiology of Exercise. (3-0) Application of physiological principles to health and physical education with an analysis of the manner in which the body reacts to the exacting requirements of exercise. Prerequisite: BIO 2430 or equivalent. Co-requisite: PE 3117.

3320 Kinesiology. (3-0) Study of human movement from the point of view of the physical sciences. Experiences are provided in the analysis of motor performance through practical application of mechanical and anatomical laws.

3321 Physical Activities for Elementary Students. (3-0) Examination of traditional content matter and innovative techniques in physical education for elementary students. Course may not be counted in the health and wellness promotion or exercise and sports science major/minor programs.

3322 Theory of Sports Techniques. (2-2) The theory and curriculum underlying sports applied to practical secondary school situations; special emphasis upon aids, equipment, organization, control and management, and classification of participants instruction and practice in officiating. Prerequisite: Permission of the department.

(WI) 3323 Rationale and Principles of Movement Science. (3-0) Social, political, economic, historical, and psychological backgrounds are studied as sources for forming basic principles in relation to physical well-being. Specific units of work include study of the psychological, social and cultural changes and legal ramifications associated with movement sciences.