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ESS HFM Internship

ESS 4660 Internship – HFM

Course Description

This course is a 400 hour internship at selected agencies promoting corporate fitness programs, performance training, or managing fitness services.  This course is a writing intensive course.


A 2.5 overall GPA or higher

Completion of all other coursework required for the degree (only 6 hours remaining)

Departmental approval is required to enroll.

Course Goals

The goal of this course is for the students to apply their knowledge of organizational management, exercise physiology, testing and prescription theories.  Students will be able to:

  1. Participate in the day-to-day activities of the assigned agency
  2. Observe employees and supervisors
  3. Perform health and/or fitness assessments
  4. Provide individual health and/or fitness instruction
  5. Develop health education materials and interactive presentations
  6. Successfully complete a semester-long project such as a business plan, marketing plan, program design, community assessment, or program evaluation

When are the internships offered?

As of 2017, ESS 4660 can be taken in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.

How and when to prepare for your internship?

The semester prior to your internship, you will be placed in the “Future HFM Intern” TRACs site. This site will have all the information and resources needed to prepare for your internship.

The TRACs site will include:

·      Intern application form to be filled out and submitted the semester prior to your internship

·      List of available site locations with contact information

·      Internship orientation video

·      Process for internship placement

Where can I find an internship site?

There is a list of pre-approved site locations on the internship TRACS site. You are also welcome to submit a new site application for a site not yet associated with Texas State.

Need more information or have further questions?

Please contact ESS 4660 internship supervisor Caitlyn Farrell at