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ESS Rising Stars

Ciria Vasquez

ESS Rising Stars 2018

Ciria Vasquez, M.S.

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work for Caminitos Collaborative and the Autism Camp.  My experience with the kids has been anything but unforgettable.  Children want the same things we want.  The children reminded me to laugh, to be challenged, and to keep the wonder in life.  I also want to thank every faculty member that took the time to teach and challenge me to the fullest."

Trevor Branch

Trevor Branch, M.Ed.

“My time at Texas State University has been a positive and rewarding experience. Texas State University has given me the tools to succeed in life and has taught me how to be a true professional."

Morgan Tongish

Morgan Tongish, M.S.

Special Education Associate

Texas Hill Country School


“My time in the ESS graduate program helped me accomplish more than I ever expected at this point in my life. The faculty supported me entirely while also challenging me to try new things along the way. Without them I would not have found my passion for research and motor development. Overall, the graduate program has given me the tools to be successful in my career while exploring different ways to use my knowledge.”

Jenn Radford

Jenn Radford, M.S.

Swim Coach for Austin Swim Club

“Texas State University's graduate program helped me gain the knowledge and confidence I needed in order to successfully start my career."

Leanna Gray

Leanna Gray, M.Ed.

"As a freshman at Texas State in 2012, I failed my first class and was certain that I would never pursue another degree.  I graduated from Texas State in December 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise & Sports Science with a 3.0 GPA.  I entered the Graduate College at Texas State in January 2017 to pursue a master's degree in physical education, and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.  I am so grateful for the role Texas State has played in my life."

Julie Kelly, M.S.

Fitness Coordinator for University Recreation at Mississippi State University.

“My graduate school experience was exceptional due to the extremely knowledgeable and dedicated professors who taught me not only course work, but how to be a lifelong learner, wise researcher and passionate young professional.”

Jennifer “Alex” Jasso, M.S. Wellness Director at Garnet Hill Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Facility in Wylie Texas.


"I had by far the best experience to be a part of Texas State’s ESS program and learn from the most intelligent professors alongside a group of peers who shared the same passion to help shape my future.”

Louis Rubin

Louis Rubin, M.S.

"I love Texas State University, and have met some amazing people.  The relationships I've made here will last a lifetime.  The professors here are top notch"

J. Harris

ESS Rising Stars 2017

Josh Harris, M.S. in Exercise Science Performance Coach at Hill Country Indoor Sports and Fitness, Bee Caves, Texas

“As a former graduate student in the Health and Human Performance department, I had the opportunity to work alongside leading professionals committed to driving my success. With the experience I've gained from the program, I was able to explore research opportunities otherwise not known if I'd hadn't had the chance. Overall, Texas State has given me the chance to learn more and contribute to the field of Exercise Science.”

A. Hollifield

Adam Hollifield, M. Ed. Offensive Line Coach, Albany State University, Albany, GA

"My experience as a graduate student at Texas State will help me become a more effective coach and help impact the lives of my Student-Athletes. The experiences and relationships that I made at Texas State are priceless."

ESS Rising Start 2016

Dannon Cox, M. Ed., Ph. D. student in Sport and Exercise Science, University of Northern Colorado

My experience in the graduate program has helped me discover my academic and professional goals with creative research and strong student-centered faculty.

Josh McGee, M. S., Ph.D. student in Bioenergetics and Exercise Science, East Carolina University

“My experience in the ESS graduate program has been the most inspiring years of my life. The ESS faculty and other graduate students have inspired me to become a great scholar and an outstanding professional."

Adriana Villa, M.S., Health and Fitness Specialist for MediFit Corporate Service, Dell Corporation, Nashville Tennessee

“The ESS graduate program gave me some of the best friendships and relationships of my life, while also allowing me to grow mentally by being challenged everyday by amazing professors!”

Kayte Forester, M.S., Doctor of Physical Therapy student South College, Knoxville, Tennessee.

“As a graduate student at Texas State, I had the opportunity to work alongside professors committed to my development and success. With personalized support and opportunity for research, I was able to not just consume knowledge but produce knowledge and contribute to the field of Exercise Science.”

Roddy Bagley, M.Ed., High school teacher and baseball coach in Texas

My experience in the graduate program has been fantastic, the faculty have made the experience one that I will carry with me for the rest of my reaching and coaching career. I feel fully prepared to become an engaging educator, and I owe it all the faculty that have helped me.”